Let's Talk'n'stroll

Let's Talk'n'stroll

  • Did you know that...

    Torpedo was invented here?
  • This was a city with the first fascist government and the first Anti-fascist movement in the world?
  • Rijeka was a part of at least 7 different countries throughout 20th century and was also independent?
  • There are 35 minorities living in Rijeka, thus called “port of diversity” ?
  • Our famous “Rijeka’s Skyscraper” was funded from Al Capone’s resources?
  • According to Feng Shui, Rijeka is listed as one of the best places in the world for its living conditions.

Rijeka walking tour

Let us help you see Rijeka through our eyes, not just from a perspective of a tourist guide but through the eyes of true Rijeka’s devotees and fans of this beautiful and colorful city.

A quick abstract of the tour: We’ll meet at one of the most beautiful Rijeka’s parks – in front of the Croatian National Theater Ivan Zajc where we’ll start the tour. The first spot is the market with the famous fish market where we’ll introduce you to some of the local delicacies as to the local merchants you’ll be able to hear many things from. We’ll walk the most interesting places and I’ll tell you stories and facts even locals don’t know about. We’ll take you to our favorite restaurant where waitresses are like our second moms and the place is a colorful scene where all of the city well and less known people go to. Here we’ll treat ourselves with a quick bite offhandedly to give you a small introduction in Rijeka’s county famous cuisine. From the hidden alley that carries a funny name “Bat street” which played a significant part in Rijeka’s autonomy to the Roman arch that outlasted all natural and man-made adversities – we’ll explore all the secrets they hide. Most of the city attractions and sights are easily accessible on foot in the city center.

Next we’re going to a well-known and our favorite Rakhia bar where we’ll send the first half of the tour off in a genuine Balkan way – with a shot of rakia. 🙂

We’ll go through a locals’ getaway tunnel passage when they don’t want to be seen which carries a mysterious war past. By the end of the tour we’ll take you through nine states Rijeka went through in the 20th century and we’ll help you experience each and every one of them.

  • Duration

    2,5 hours but it depends on you
  • Intensity

    Very light and easy walk
  • Distance

    2,5 km, all on foot, circular route

The price for the tour is 120€ (Or 15€ per person in a group of 8) and what's included:

- A kind and licensed guide for 2,5 hours or a bit more who's at your service for any questions and will be glad to meet the most of your demands.
- A unique and well composed tour of Rijeka city center
- Snacks and quick bites of local and traditional food
- A shot of rakia

What is not included:

- Souvenirs like T-shirts and personalized Rijeka passports can be bought on the spot from your guide
- Tips to our guides. If you liked them, fell free to reward them

Have in mind that this is a fixed group price which doesn't depend on the number of the people in the group.

There's a rumor...

This is not a regular walking tour! I got into a mixed group and in five minutes it felt like I know these people for years, in half an hour I wasn't so hungry anymore, in an hour and half I got a bit tipsy (Because of course that one shot of Rakhia wasn't enough for me) and after the tour I felt like Rijeka is my home.


I was late and arrived in Rijeka early in the morning alone and the tour was arranged for an hour later. I was sooo tired and was afraid the guide won't be interesting and the walking will be so long but it turned out to be everything but that. I felt so refreshed after the tour and just continued to hang out with these guys for the rest of my staying in Rijeka. Cheers to Goran! :)


I came to Rijeka and stayed there for good. hahah Now I'm working on joining these guys and work as a guide as well. Who knows, maybe I'll be your next guide. :D


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