Through the light and darkness...

Through the light and darkness...

  • Did you know that...

    This was a city with the first fascist government and the first anti-fascist movement in the world?
  • There are 35 minorities living in Rijeka, thus called “port of diversity” ?
  • Mussolini got punched in the face while holding speech in Rijeka?

Socialist, fascist and industrial tour

Hop in our Yugo or even few of them and let us take you through one of the most turbulent histories a city can have. Contradiction is the nickname of Rijeka in 20th century. Prepare yourself for the smell of old and vintage Yugoslavian car while observing the monumental architectural offspring of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, socialism, fascism and even Roman empire before it. You’ll feel the struggle of Rijeka while passing the underground tunnels partisans used for guerrilla fight against the fascist and nazis risking their lives daily to give Rijeka it’s freedom payed by blood of the fallen class.

Take a leap into on of the most economic progressive eras of the city, socialist one, when it rose from the dead once again and led the east block to compete the west by turning itself into a juncture of west and the east belonging to neither one of them and taking a destiny of her own in her hands once again – till the new stagnation. Prepare yourself for the mixture of different feelings of fight, the uncertainty, the loss, resignation, happiness and the pride all in once. Welcome to Rijeka’s 20 century.

We’ll visit old and original torpedo launch ramp, monument to liberation of Rijeka, paper factory, Rikard Benčić sugar and chocolate factory, Marshal Tito’s floating residence – ship „Galeb“, 3. maj (Famous shipyard), old mills and more.

  • Duration

    Four hours or more depending on your desire and needs
  • Intensity

    Very light, easy walk and driving
  • Distance

    15 km by car and on foot

The price of the tour for the group of 3 - 4 people is 130€ (Or from 33€ per person) and what's included:

This is a total price for a car with a guide plus a group of 3 - 4 people. Each additional car is 100€ with the driver and a group of 3 - 4 people.

- A kind and licensed guide for 4 hours or a bit more who's at your service for any questions and will be glad to meet most of your demands.
- A unique and well composed tour of Rijeka's antifascist monuments, stories, industrial heritage and architectural examples of the totalitarian history
- An old Yugoslavian car to drive you to experience the full and authentic impression

What is not included:

- Souvenirs like T-shirts and personalized Rijeka passports can be bought on the spot from your guide
- Tips to our guides. If you liked them, fell free to reward them

*Have in mind that this is a fixed group price which doesn't depend on the number of the people in the group.
* Lunch is optional and can be arranged separately

There's a rumor...

I've been through some communist tours in Europe like in Sofia for example so I've kinda already knew what to expect but nobody prepared me for a thrill like Yugo. They even let me drive it and it's... haha a veery cool and original experience.


I've always been a fan of Tito from my parents's stories and I'm a historian so I wanted to come here mainly to see Galeb, Tito's ship. That turned to be the smallest part of the whole tour because everything else is just as amazing as it can be. Yugo is like Galeb but it can't float. Or maybe it can. I don't know, that car can do everything. :D


I'm from Trieste and I wanted to come to Rijeka because Rijeka and Trieste share a similar history. My interest was in fascist architecture so Tomo showed me some examples of it in Rijeka along with the others from different regimes. It's amazing how you can actually read from facades that Rijeka has been through 10 or 11 different states through just one century.


Veni, vidi, vici - VICTORYYYY!!! hahaha I literally felt like an empress after that tour. Amazing, just amazing. I'm definitely going to come again because I don't feel like an empress back home in Vienna. :D


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