What's going on in the area?

What's going on in the area?

  • Did you know...

    Andrija Mohorovičić is the father of seismology and he was born in Volosko near Rijeka
  • Krk bridge had the longest concrete arch concrete bridge in the world when it was built
  • Opatija is the birthplace of Croatian tourism and was the most luxurious sanatorium for Austro - Hungarian nobility

Rijeka’s surrounding area

Our designated driver will take us in it’s van for 7 + 2 (A guide and driver) people in a whole day exploratory adventure of Rijeka’s stunning surroundings. Prepare your seasonal clothes for autumn and summer (Yes, that includes swimsuit if you decide so) because we’re going to jump from sea the level to 1400 m altitude and back. We’ll have a stroll through beautiful and most romantic old lady that is the city of Opatija – one of the birth places of European tourism and a resort for creme dela creme of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, explore seaside towns, cobbled and narrow back alleys intertwined with densely miniature gardens nourished by hard working arms of their owners. Have a peak in romantic cafes only locals know about and then be mesmerized by the view from the top of the mountain from which you’ll be able to see even four countries at the same time.

We’ll learn how hard life it was for the generations of people that grew up here before the tourism emerged, not even that long ago. This tour is perfect in a combo with Rijeka walking tour as it is it’s complete contrast in architectural and cultural way. Rijeka is completely cut from it’s surroundings in almost every meaning while having an unbreakable bond with it at the same time. We’ll drive around Rijeka and pass four or more little towns or municipalities, each of them looking and acting completely different and even speaking different language dialects. If doing the aforementioned combo you’ll get a full insight in the history, culture and life-style of this part of the world and possibly get a better understanding for the most of Europe’s past and nowadays circumstances.

We can stop in a typical restaurant for a local food so prepare your taste buds for a bite of hedonism and at the end we’ll treat ourselves with the best cakes in the region that is inevitable part of locals everyday life.

  • Duration

    From 9:30 am till 18:00. Possibly less or longer depending on your wishes
  • Intensity

  • Distance

    Around 50 km, mostly done by van or car and small part on foot

The price of the tour is 160€ or 300€ if we have to rent a van and what's included:

- A car or a van with a professional driver
- A kind and licensed guide for 9 hours or a bit more who's at your service for any questions and will be glad to meet most of your demands.
- A unique and well composed tour of Rijeka's surrounding towns and nature

What is not included:

- Souvenirs like T-shirts and personalized Rijeka passports can be bought on the spot from your guide
- Tips to our guides. If you liked them, fell free to reward them

* A van can take up to 7 people + a driver + a guide
* Taking lunch in the middle of the tour is optional but highly advisable

There's a rumor...

We listened to Filip's advice and took this tour the second day after the Rijeka walking tour and it paid off completely. Now I can proudly say I explored and experienced the whole region and it's amazing history. And the food, oh the food...


That tour is fantastic. So different from Rijeka. And Opatija is an old fashionable lady. Walking Lungo Mare (Ivan I spelled it right, yes? :)) between old and classy Austro-Hungarian resorts, villas and hotels while everything smells on sea and flowers was such a warm and comfy experience and a bit posh at the same time. We fell in LOVE with Opatija.


That view... The best I've ever seen and I find my self hiking every now and then. Just wonderful. Prepare some warm clothes for it guys, even if it's in the middle of July.


There's much more to Rijeka's surroundings then you would think at first. A complete opposite to Rijeka and so romantic, lush and blissful. We stayed in Rijeka and it was our stop and starting point but next time we'll rent a place on Učka mountain with a view.


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