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Rijeka walking tour

Let us help you see Rijeka through our eyes, not just from a perspective of a tourist guide but through the eyes of true Rijeka's devotees and fans of this beautiful and colorful city. A quick abstract of the tour: We'll meet at one of the most beautiful Rijeka's parks - in front of the Croatian National Theater Ivan Zajc where we'll start the tour. The first spot is the market with the famous fish market where we'll introduce you to some of the local delicacies as to the local merchants you'll be able to hear many things from. We’ll walk the most interesting places and I'll tell you stories and facts even locals don't know about...

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Socialist and industrial tour

Did you know that the world's deadliest maritime weapon is torpedo and it's invented in Rijeka?
Rijeka is where fascism was born and the first anti-fascist movements soon after?
Rijeka's paper factory supplied most of the world's need with cigarette paper?
Hop in our Yugo or even few of them and let us take you through one of the most turbulent histories a city can have. Contradiction is the nickname of Rijeka in 20th century. Prepare yourself for the smell of old and vintage Yugoslavian car while observing the monumental architectural offspring of Austro-Hungarian empire, socialism and fascism. You'll feel the struggle of Rijeka while passing the underground tunnels partisans used for guerrilla fight against the fascist and nazis risking their lives daily...

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Rijeka sacral tour

Feeling spiritual? Hop in our van or a car depending on the size of your group and we'll take you through a vertigo of religions and beliefs that shaped Rijeka's face. We're starting with the smell of incense in Saint Vitus Cathedral which got it's name under the Saint Vitus who is celebrated as today's protector of the city. This is also the birth place of Rijeka's literacy. From the monumental fascist-architectonic built catholic church, over orthodox church in the middle of the city that hides a great and almost incredible secret to the first Croatian synagogue and most beautiful mosque in Europe...

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Rijeka's stunning surrounding area

Our designated driver will take us in it's van for 7 + 2 (A guide and driver) people in a whole day exploratory adventure of Rijeka's stunning surroundings. Prepare your seasonal clothes for autumn and summer (Yes, that includes swimsuit if you decide so) because we're going to jump from sea level to 1400 m altitude and back. Let's have a stroll through beautiful and most romantic old lady that is the city of Opatija - one of the birth places of European tourism and a resort for creme dela creme of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, explore seaside towns, cobbled and narrow back alleys intertwined with densely miniature gardens nourished by hard working arms of their owners. Have a peak in romantic cafes only locals know about and then drive to the top of the mountain from which you'll be able to see even four countries at the same time...

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Something special just for you

Want something special just for you? No problem, tell us what you have in mind and we can tailor something juicy just for you.
Ever wanted to visit ancient islands of Cres, Krk or Lošinj? Explore the vast plethora of Rijeka county tastes with local gourmet delicacies and wine tasting? Maybe a bit of adrenaline rush with water sports, paragliding or something less intense like mountain climbing, skiing, or biking in the dense forests of the green lungs of Croatia - Gorski kotar region. Or maybe you just want to loaf on a deck of a yacht and explore the mesmerizing Kvarner archipelago. What ever it is, we can make it happen. What we can't - we probably know someone who can so you're good to go.

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"There's something mystical and magical about this city. It urges me to fight injustice, keeps me intrigued and bedazzled every step of the way. It puts me back to sleep, all wrapped in a tone of nostalgia and hard rock'n'roll at the same time. It is above the impotence of nationalism, war, conformism. Alternative, underground, mystical... Everybody's and nobody's... Completely undefined... A home for everybody and for all who do not fit in..." - Svetlana Spasovska

We're locals

We live in Rijeka all our lives or we moved in but we fell in love with this peculiar city. People in Rijeka have a saying: You don't have to be born in Rijeka to be "Riječanin" (Like New Yorker), you just have to love the city.

We take it personally

And so should you. We cherish human touch in our approach because we believe it's the best way to get the feeling for the city and the area. And there's a big difference between someone who is driven by passion than just money. All of our guides do it primarily for the sake of Rijeka and it's features.

We're licensed

All of us are certified tourist guides for Rijeka and the surrounding county and we're constantly learning new stuff from talking to you and that's how we're non - stop improving ourselves professionally and privately.

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