So, who are we?

A group of Rijeka devotees and enthusiasts who aim to present you Rijeka in it's true light - the good and the bad, from it's peak to the pit, naked, raw, brutal and beautiful, all at once.

So, who are we?

A group of Rijeka devotees and enthusiasts who aim to present you Rijeka in it's true light - the good and the bad, from it's peak to the pit, naked, raw, brutal and beautiful, all at once.

  • We're locals

    We live in Rijeka all our lives or we moved in but we fell in love with this peculiar city. People in Rijeka have a saying: You don't have to be born in Rijeka to be "Riječanin" (Like New Yorker), you just have to love the city.
  • We take it personally

    And so should you. We cherish human touch in our approach because we believe it's the best way to get the feeling for the city and the area. And there's a big difference between someone who is driven by passion than just money. All of our guides do it primarily for the sake of Rijeka and it's features.
  • We're licensed

    All of us are certified tourist guides for Rijeka and the surrounding counties. We're constantly learning new things about Rijeka, either from books, lectures etc. or by talking to you and that's how we're non - stop improving ourselves professionally and privately.

Meet the founder

Heya! I am Filip Jakovac and I'm a licensed tourist guide for my city Rijeka and surrounding counties. I'm a lawyer but I opened a tourist agency and I organize all sorts of adventurous trips for the past 10 years. As a genuine Rijeka fan I dedicated a big part of my life in discovering it's history, people and myths that converted this city in one of the most glorious city tales of all time.

In 2016. I gathered a group of three crackers who roamed to Mongolia and back in a 320€ worth old Yugo car (The very one that was proclaimed to be the worst ever produced in the world by some) That trip changed my perspective in life and I turned in another direction. By realizing you don't have to drive or pass great distances to see and meet beauty, but you have it in the reach of hand here in the Balkans I created Balkan thematic projects. As an extrovert and a stated traveler I believe the best way to meet a place is through the eyes and hearts of it's residents and through your stomach. :) That's why interaction with people, food and drink permeate all of my projects. As it is meant to be in the hedonistic Balkans. :)

Our team, our vision

We created a series of different approaches to Rijeka's understanding according to most people's needs guided by a feeling of creating something different, juicy, with a personal touch. We gathered a group of Rijeka devotees that are ready to tell it's story in different languages and we'll give our best to show you Rijeka and it's surroundings how we see it and feel it so you could get the best of it and hopefully create a feeling of your own. Weather we do it on foot, in a Yugo or in a van - you'll get something special and unique straight from our hearts.

We cover English, Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian, Italian, German, Russian, Swedish and Ukrainian language.

Doesn’t matter if you are here for fun and leisure, studies, work, or just passing

you should not leave Rijeka without feeling the eternal spirit of one of the strangest histories a city can have

So come and feel it, live it, be a part of it.

There's a rumor...

I did the walking tour and had an expectation of having a regular city tourist tour but it just flipped my mind when it started happening. As a non-european resident little I knew about the history of Europe except having a feeling of total chaos of countless wars, cultures and nations twirling together but they literally simplified the whole European and Balkan history and brought it down to comprehensible basics wrapped in Rijeka's story.


I had a feeling of taking a step back in time with such a vivid visualization Matea gave us. Beautiful tour, I recommend it to everybody and Matea as a guide as well.


Alek and Daniel took us all around the Rijeka through it's typical seaside surrounding towns which make a complete contrast from industrial and mixed - style Rijeka. It was an amazing comparison but we've got blown minded as soon as we reached Učka mountain top and had a clear view on four countries, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and even Austria. It ended in eating the best cake ever and it almost didn't feel like a tour at all but a trip with friends.


Filip is a great guide. The tour supposed to last only 2,5 hours but he stayed with us when we asked him to and took us to the best beaches in Rijeka while putting something interesting every now and then. Now I feel like a "Riječanin", Yeaaah Filip, woohoo!!! :D


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